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Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages everyone!! I’m not going to publish too many more because I don’t want to overload anyone’s dash and make them annoyed but I appreciate every single one and I am going through and answering them privately now!

I love you guys thank you for being so sweet and welcoming to me I am so glad Tumblr exists omg

wellankitman asked:

Just would like to let you know how magical your artwork is! Recently someone I follow reblogged one of your comics and I was instantly drawn to it and had to find the source. You really captured how I feel a lot of the times and it's just wonderful and comforting to know that there are other people in the same boat. Thank you so much for that! I am grateful for your talent and grace.

Thank you so much. You are so kind and lovely, and although I don’t know how much talent and grace I have, it’s always so nice to hear that the stuff I make can affect someone so positively. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to tell me how you feel! ♥♥

freetheoompaloompas asked:

Hi Colleen. New follower here. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

HI! Thank you so much for following!

This is where I would go. It’s not technically in the world sorry


gamerwithagoatee asked:

Who is your favorite artist? (Excluding you of course)

I am no where near my list of favorite artists haha!! But here’s my list of people that inspire me most:

Kali Ciesemier (my biggest inspiration, no doubt)
Kirsten Rothbart
Hellen Jo
Kelly Bastow
Natasha Allegri

And obviously my lord and savior, creator of all things good in this world. Naoko Takeuchi, mother of Sailor Moon. Also Hayao Miyazaki, because of course.

Thank you so much for asking!!

truelifecomix asked:

hi hello it was nice to meet you at space!! i have been seeing your comics around school and stuff forever now and they are so nice and you're nice okay that's all

AHHH!! Thank you!! You are so so talented and I love your comics and I am so glad to meet more awesome people at CCAD doing comics!! You are so nice.

jellyfishsandwitch asked:

hey, youre pretty cool and stuff.

I tried to think of something really cool to draw you and all I could think of was this thumbs up with sunglasses on it. I’m sorry. Thank you for real though!!! ♥♥

fuckyeahtumblo asked:


All. Every. 

callyouinthenighttime asked:

Are you planning on putting more of your art on your shop? I will buy the shit out of it if you do, The Great Gatsby one in particular :)

I always forget I have that shop haha!! Thank you SO much for wanting to buy my stuff though! I’ll add some stuff to it, including the Gatsby :)


Hello new followers!!! I am so glad you are here and that you liked me enough to follow me!

I want to take a little break from my homework for half an hour or so, feel free to shoot me any questions you want to ask! Wanna know my deepest darkest secrets? I guess you can ask about that. I dunno. I’m just feeling conversational.


charmasu asked:

do you have a personal blog or an Instagram? I want to repost your art but I wanna give proper credit. If that's okay with you of course

I’m colleenclarkart on instagram!! If you’re gonna put my art on your tumblr, I’d prefer if you reblogged from me, but if you wanna put a screenshot/image of it on instagram feel free with a tag!! Thank you so much for asking before reposting :)