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I haven’t posted this until now because I wanted to make sure it was all legal, but last summer, Marie Claire South Africa magazine approached me about a project on “making a feminist Barbie.” This was my contribution!!

I think Barbie is a really complex feminine icon, and I was so excited to get the chance to add to the discussion. I think a feminist Barbie would love her body and love my body too, because feminism is all about accepting yourself and others for who we all are! “A feminist Barbie” would be proud of her own thin frame and proud of another woman’s curvier one. She would be proud of a woman’s decision to own her own body by deciding to tattoo it, strengthen it, or wear religious coverings. If being a Barbie girl (or boy, or anything inbetween) meant being accepted and accepting of others, I think we’d all want to be on Barbie’s side.

(oh yeah legal stuff: this is not commerciality associated with Barbie or Mattel at all and I do not own or claim to own Barbie!! This is strictly parody/fan art.)

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